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last changeWed, 11 Jun 2014 16:52:27 +0000
2014-06-11 Ryan FobelAdd more clearance for pogo-pins on top plate master github/master
2014-05-30 Christian FobelMerge branch 'print-tolerances'
2014-05-30 Christian FobelIncrease bottom rest gap width for camera holder
2014-05-30 Christian FobelIncrease gap for base-plate windows, thicken base
2014-05-30 Christian FobelUpdate STL files for top/base-plate, hinge-pins
2014-05-30 Christian FobelThicken top/base-plate hinges by 1.6mm
2014-05-30 Christian FobelThicken top/base-plate hinges by ~2x
2014-05-30 Christian FobelAdd pogo-pin solder pads clearance to top-plate
2014-01-13 Ryan FobelCombine all parts into single sketchup model and add...
2013-10-25 Christian FobelRename SketchUp files to use unix-friendly names
2013-10-25 Christian FobelModify front clasps to prevent loosening/prying
2013-10-17 Christian FobelMerge ../sketchup___pogo_pin_fixture into rebase_temp
2013-10-17 Christian FobelClear out old files before merging with new design
2013-10-17 Christian FobelAdd clasp with notch, merge clasps into base-pl...
2013-10-16 Christian FobelAdd cut-aways to acrylic window plates.
2013-10-11 Christian FobelMake front of top-plate wedged to reduce relfec...
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