Brendon Seale - Ph.D. Student


After a long period of studying a lot of very different things including paleontology, anthropology and evolution, I finally settled on analytical chemistry and forensic science graduating from the University of Toronto Mississauga’s Forensic Science program in 2011 and I joined the Wheeler lab in the summer of 2012.

My research focuses on the use of immunochemistry and biological molecules in analytical tools and assays. My main projects involved the development of surface-based immunoassays for the diagnosis of disease and determination of immunity via antibody titers and the use of immuno-pull downs for proteomic research and analysis. A second phase of my research involves the development of a chemical synthesis platform on digital microfluidics producing peptide macrocycle molecular libraries for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Going forward, I hope to focus my research on applications of digital microfluidics to analytical chemistry and the forensic sciences, focusing on developing applications which have the potential to become commercial products.