Haozhong Situ - Ph.D. Student


After receiving his undergraduate degree in microbiology and immunology in University of British Columbia, Haozhong worked in the in vitro diagnostic industry for a while. In Sep 2014, he started in the Wheeler Microfluidics Lab as a PhD candidate. Currently, he’s working on performing chemosensitivity assays on core needle biopsy (CNB) and/or fine needle aspirate (FNA) samples using DMF devices.

Haozhong is very interested in novels, especially science fictions and Japanese visual novel games. Recently, he’s deeply fascinated by the Three-body Problem Triology, and is happy to lend it to anyone.

Haozhong is a super omnivore. He loves to eat all kinds of (nice) food, and is "as hungry as a wolf" at all times. Please make sure not to overfeed him :)