Nooman Mufti - Ph.D. Student


Nooman hails from the city of Srinagar, the summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. He joined the Wheeler lab as an Biomedical engineering PhD student in September 2012.

Nooman did his Bachelor's in Chemical engineering from Aligarh Muslim University in UP, India before going on to do his M.S. in Chemical engineering and Biotechnology from the National University of Singapore. He then worked as a Process engineer for a while in Singapore. During this time, he realized his interests lay in Biomedical engineering research. He hence went on to do an Biomedical engineering from Texas A&M University at College Station, Texas, where he focused on developing optical imaging and biosensing techniques. For his thesis project, he developed a fiber optic micro-endoscope for in situ imaging and quantification of fluorescent protein expressing M. bovis bacteria (the causative agent of tuberculosis in cattle) inside the skin and lungs of previously inoculated mice. This provided higher resolution images and lower detection limits to aid microbial pathogenesis researchers using whole body imaging scanners for animal studies, with possible applications for in vivo bacterial imaging in animal systems. During this time, he developed interests in utilizing these imaging and sensing techniques for in vitro analysis in point-of-care disease diagnostics and cell culture systems.

He hopes to integrate detection modalities such as optical imaging/detection and Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) into a digital microfluidics platform to develop biosensors for clinically relevant biomarkers. He is also working with Sam and Steve on their exciting Bacteria, Algae and Yeast (BAY) Bioreactor system which has diverse applications in drug screening and bioprocess engineering.