Richard Piffer S. de Campos - Postdoctoral Fellow


Richard was born in Limeira, São Paulo, Brazil, in 1984. He studied chemistry at Paulista State University, where he majored in 2008. In 2010, he joined the group of Professor José Alberto Fracassi da Silva at University of Campinas, Brazil, receiving his mastering degree in February of 2012 and his PhD degree in March of 2016. In 2015, he worked at Dr. Susan Lunte’s laboratory at The University of Kansas, USA, as part of the Ph.D exchange program Science without Borders. Finally, in June of 2016, Richard joined Wheeler Lab at UofT as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

His research interests are in the microfluidics field and its bioanalytical applications. He has worked with alternative substrates for channel microfluidic devices and PDMS surface modification. He also worked with the separation and detection of cell generated reactive oxygen species using microchip electrophoresis coupled to electrochemical and fluorescence detectors on bulk and single cell levels. Nowadays, Richard main focus is towards the development of DMF devices and its applications on biomolecule monitoring strategies, with special interest in coupling DMF and electrochemical detection.

Outside of the lab, Richard is really passionate about music. He is also a big fan of soccer – Palmeiras (his Brazilian soccer team) – videogames, movies, and spending time with his family and friends.