Roger Shih - Postdoctoral Fellow


Roger was born in Oregon, grew up in Idaho, and went to high school and college in California. At UC Irvine, he completed his BS, MS, and PhD in Biomedical Engineering, as well as a minor in Information and Computer Science. He began his research in microfluidics as an undergraduate in Professor Abraham Lee's Biomint lab, exploring dielectrophoresis for neural stem cell sorting. During his PhD, he focused on optimizing drug-loadable microbubbles for theranostic ultrasound. After completing his doctorate, he continued in Prof. Lee's lab for a year as a research specialist, working on a portable droplet-array PCR platform for an industry-university-NSF collaboration (CADMIM). He then joined Allergan for a one-year University of Southern California postdoctoral fellowship, helping develop the company's microfluidic capabilities to produce and analyze polymer particles for sustained drug release. In January 2017, he joined the Wheeler microfluidics lab as a postdoctoral fellow to combine digital microfluidics with dielectrophoresis for blood-plasma purification and analysis.

In his spare time, Roger enjoys reading, drawing, anime, and Pokemon GO. He is also skilled with the violin. In addition, he likes computer programming, and served as computer admin/maintainer during his time in the Lee lab.