Tanya Narahari - Postdoctoral Fellow


Tanya was born and raised in southern India. She got her B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) in Biotechnology, from R.V College of Engineering in Bangalore, in 2010. For two years after her undergraduate schooling, she worked at a start-up company in Bangalore, designing and implementing low-cost, on-site medical diagnostics technologies for rural India. During her time here, she helped develop a woven fabric 'microfluidic' device that could be used to draw small volumes of sample through reagent-filled silk textile, providing instant laboratory results at very low costs. She developed a strong interest in microfluidics through this work. She subsequently moved to Boston to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University, under the advisement of Dr. Shashi Murthy. Her thesis research was entitled “Electrically-Actuated Microfluidics in Fabric”, and expanded upon the functionality of the fabric microfluidic platform, to include electrophoretic separations of protein mixtures, and the development of polymer coatings as “valves” to control liquid movement in fabric. She joined the Wheeler Lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow in September 2016, and is now developing diagnostic assays for infectious diseases using digital microfluidics (DMF), with a focus on implementing a variety of immunoassay techniques in DMF. In her spare time, she greatly enjoys pencil and charcoal drawing, hiking, and traditional Southern Indian food.