DropBot case


Mechanical parts

All parts are described in the DropBot case repository, which also contains an svg file for each of the laser cut parts. The collection of files can be downloaded by clicking on the latest "snapshot" link.

Laser cut parts

These parts should be cut from 3mm acrylic.

Quantity Description Image
1 Top http://microfluidics.utoronto.ca/dropbot/media/case/top.png
1 Bottom http://microfluidics.utoronto.ca/dropbot/media/case/bottom.png
1 Front http://microfluidics.utoronto.ca/dropbot/media/case/front.png
1 Back http://microfluidics.utoronto.ca/dropbot/media/case/back.png
1 Right side http://microfluidics.utoronto.ca/dropbot/media/case/right_side.png
1 Left side http://microfluidics.utoronto.ca/dropbot/media/case/left_side.png


Quantity Description Source
21 Machine screw (M3, .5mm pitch, 16mm) McMaster-Carr
21 Thin hex nut (M3, .5mm pitch, 1.8mm height) McMaster-Carr
4 Rubber foot (1/4" hole, 1/8" deep) McMaster-Carr

Assembly instructions

Step 1: Assemble the all sides of the case except the front by inserting the tabs in their respective slots

Make sure that the orientation of each of the faces matches that of the picture below.


Step 2: Fasten with machine screws/nuts

For each T-slot connection, while holding a nut in the slot with your fingers, use a screwdriver to fasten the joint with a 16mm machine screw (note that the nut should be prevented from spinning by the slot in the acrylic).


Step 3: Insert 4 rubber feet into the holes in the bottom of the case


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