Test board

The test board is used to calibrate the impedance sensing circuit on the ControlBoard and for testing switches on the HighVoltageSwitchingBoards.



You can download the KiCAD files for the test board here.

Sourcing capacitors

The BOM for the test board lists capacitance values for each of the 40 channels with capacitance ranging from 1 pF to 1.5 nF (2 copies of each). Since not all capacitors are available from Digi-Key, it may be necessary to source capacitors from multiple vendors. These capacitors should have the following features:

  • 1206 SMD capacitors (size)
  • NP0/C0G type (minimal frequency/temperature dependence)
  • a voltage rating of >= 100V.

Here's a list of capacitors pre-filtered according to the above requirements:

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