Safety Resources

Table of contents

General Resources

  1. Lab Manual
  2. UofT biosafety policies and procedures
  3. Chemical Spills
  4. Handling and Disposing of Sharps
  5. Biological Disposal and Spills
  6. Biological Materials Inventory

MSDS and Chemical SOPs

  1. Chemwatch
  2. Chemwatch User Guide
  3. UofT Hazardous Materials Information
  4. Liquid Nitrogen Handling SOP

Risk Assessments

  1. Risk Assessment Measles
  2. Risk Assessment Rubella
  3. Risk Assessment HUVEC (SDS)
  4. Risk Assessment Human Blood (SDS)
  5. Risk Assessment Rubella Antigen
  6. Risk Assessment Measles Antigen
  7. Risk Assessment HeLa (SDS)
  8. Risk Assessment BaF3 (SDS)
  9. Risk Assessment for FFPE human prostate biopsies
  10. Risk Assessment for human endothelial tissue samples
  11. Risk Assessment for laboratory-bred mouse and rat tissue
  12. Risk Assessment Human urine (SDS Synthetic Urine)
  13. Risk Assessment Paramecium
  14. Risk Assessment Sheep Blood(SDS)
  15. Risk Assessment retinal pigmented epithelium cells
  16. Risk Assessment C elegans
  17. Risk Assessment SH-SY5Y
  18. Risk Assessment PC12 (SDS)
  19. Risk Assessment NSC
  20. Risk Assessment MDCK (SDS)
  21. Risk Assessment CHO-K1 (SDS)
  22. Risk Assessment Human Sperm
  23. Risk Assessment HepG2 (SDS)
  24. Risk Assessment Mcf-7 (SDS)
  25. Risk Assessment MDA-MB-231 (SDS)
  26. Risk Assessment NIH-3T3 (SDS)
  27. Risk Assessment Primary trophoblast cells
  28. Risk Assessment U87 MG (SDS)
  29. Risk Assessment B-16 (SDS)

Fabrication SOPs

  1. Cleanroom Fabrication
  2. Inkjet printing
  3. 3D Printing

Equipment SOPs

  1. DropBot SOP
  2. Soldering SOP
  3. Laser Cutter SOP
  4. Agilent API SOP
  5. UV Lamp SOP
  6. Spin Coater SOP
  7. Oven SOP
  8. Gas Cylinders SOP
  9. Glass cutter SOP
  10. Biosafety Cabinet SOP
  11. Eksigent nanoLC and LTQ SOP
  12. Form 2 Resin Printer SOP
  13. Ultra 50 Laser SOP
  14. Ultimaker 3d Printer SOP
  15. Roll Coater SOP
  16. Thermal Cycler SOP
  17. LM Fume Hood SOP
  18. Pressure Injection Cell SOP

Biological SOPs

  1. Cell Culture Protocols
  2. Bacteria Protocols
  3. Blood Collection
  4. Handling of human samples for diagnostic assays on digital microfluidics
  5. Storage and handling of human samples suspected of measles or rubella infection
  6. Virus coated magnetic microparticles
  7. Handling and storage of pooled human saliva
  8. Handling and storage of human serum samples for measles and rubella IgG and IgM
  9. Handling of human urine for diagnostic assays on digital microfluidics
  10. Sheep Blood
  11. Retinal pigmented epithelium cells
  12. Paramecium
  13. C elegans
  14. Working with human or animal tissue samples on digital microfluidics