DMF Electroanalysis

Inline analysis techniques, where detection can be performed directly in the droplets on a digital microfluidic device, are desirable because they minimize the complexity of an experiment and can allow real-time monitoring of chemical changes. Several inline techniques have been coupled with DMF, but electrochemical analysis presents several advantages, including label-free detection of a wide variety of analytes and compact and inexpensive instrumentation. Electroanalysis is particularly well-suited for integration with DMF, given the (inherent) reliance of the latter on patterned, discretely addressable electrodes (the open-source DStat is a convenient, open-source tool that can be used to link electroanalysis with DMF). We are currently exploring electrochemical detection methods for many applications including quantitative analysis and immunoassays. For more, see our recent review paper describing the convergence of microfluidics and electrochemistry.

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